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Orilla Power Generation Corporation Leadership Team

Greg Gee, B.A, LLB.

Board Chair

Greg is a retired corporate lawyer and company CEO. He has been a Board Member of  companies in a number of different industries as well as charitable organizations, including  acting as Board Chair at Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital. He was the senior lawyer and later  Vice-Chairman at one of the largest financial institutions in Canada for a number of years and  was also the Regulator of the Housing Industry in Ontario. He joined the Board of Orillia Power  in 2012 and was elected Board Chair in 2014.

Tom Hussey, CPA, CA

Vice Chair and Chair of the Audit Committee

Tom is a lifetime member of the Canadian Professional Accountants of Ontario and is a KPMG  LLP alumnus. He has held several senior positions in a multitude of industries. Tom has been  a board member for both private and not-for-profit organizations in the past and currently is on  the Board and Audit Chairman of three companies trading on the CDX.

Bob Ripley, B.Sc. Eng., MBA


Bob is a retired engineering and finance professional who has provided engineering design,  systems design, quality assurance, and pension management functions for some of Canada’s  largest corporations. Prior to his retirement Bob was the CFO for the City of Orillia, the  Corporation’s sole shareholder. He joined the Board of Orillia Power in 2018.

Grant Hipgrave, CPA, CMA

President & CEO

Grant is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario. He joined Orillia Power in 2006 and has held positions in both finance and operations within the  organization, before becoming President in 2016. Grant’s previous experience includes senior leadership and financial roles in the  telecommunications and insurance industries.

Patrick Hurley, B.Math., CPA, CMA

Chief Financial Officer

Pat has thirty plus years of experience in the electrical industry in both distribution and  generation sectors and has been a Senior Officer of the Orillia Power group of companies since  1998. Pat is experienced in many areas of finance including financial reporting and taxation,  rates and regulatory compliance, long term financial planning, debt financing, corporate  valuations and budgeting.